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Had to take advice on the situation in Fiji as I could not understand why a native Fijian would be opposed to the return of land to indigenous Fijians. The answer is that the problem is the legislation that the supposed democratic government of Fiji intends to pass through Parliament returning the Foreshore to indigenous Fijians. This is a similar exercise to the legislation passed in New Zealand in relation to the Foreshore. The issue in Fiji is one of Sovereignty. Fijian nationalists do not want a parliament legitimising what has always been theirs. Filtering this issue through a colonial parliament dilutes the issue. It has been explained to me in this way.There was a dining table in Fiji.The British Empire put a table cloth on the table and proceeded to invite a whole lot of people to dinner. The Fijians are now saying we want our dinner table back.You can have the table cloth.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Tumeke! a timely feast was had after a great little football toss, between the men in blue and the men in green. Poor aunty Helen rocks up to John's BBQ with her best mate shrek, turns up the gas and scares the chops off of shrek, leaving remanants of a smoking BUSH kinda trail. Best to secure the ground you walk on before you play games :)e.


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