Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The interests of Justice

I expect such behaviour from the New Zealand Police because they are essentially revenue collectors for the Government. Not in the sense that they actually collect cash off people though of course they do do that but in the wider sense that they are the feeders to the NZ penal system which in turn allows large numbers of prisons to be built and employ at a minimum 8000 people. But what really concerns me is the role of the Judiciary in the Urewera Case and now the Red Devils case. Apparently the conduct was sanctioned by the Cheif District Judge. I have my doubts about this as I do not know the extent of the information he was told. But regardless what is going to happen when something truly serious happens. Will the Courts be asleep at the wheel. The executive is already well down the track to exterminating the independent criminal Bar in New Zealand. What would happen if such a case went to the Public Defence Service. Would they also be asked to sanction the conduct and hold off taking any steps to expose it on behalf of their Client. Where does it all stop and why is nothing done to prevent this sort of thing occurring again. Interception warrants were issued by the High Court of New Zealand in the Ureweras case under legislation described as unworkable by the former Solicitor General. The GCSB was illegally spying on Dotcom and now we are witness to what is charitably described as a good faith situation. How can a District Court Judge supposedly sanction forgery and a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.It doesnt ring true to me. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. What do you think?

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