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My Final Summary to the New Zealand Press About the Urewera 4 Case

A video interview I gave with to the New Zealand press offering my final summary and view on the Urewera 4 Case. It was filmed outside Auckland High Court by Mashpedia who posted the video on Youtube. 


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Where does one start ?
    A looming election on the horizon.
    Helen Clark desperate to stay in power.
    What is a government good for if it does not exihibit vigilance on behalf of it's nation ?

    All very well until the governments only intention is to spread fear amongst it's people in an effort for re-election purposes only.

    The old addage appearances can be deceiving no doubt were left out of the equation for the general public to ponder.

    Independent from day one, is only further evidence these Urerewa Maori folk go around day to day minding their own business.


    The fact that NZ Police have issued a public relations apology to the mainstream media does not conclude the damage suffered by those at the hands of such unwarranted action by NZ Police leadership.

    That leadership goes all the way up to Helen Clark and Queen Elizabeth II.

    A blight on the New Zealand landcape and currently still unresolved. A quintessential can of worms.

    NZ Police play I spy with my little eye while motion sensor cameras record a game of cowboys and Indians on private property. Not big brother I say.
    Closer to the truth: Oh' brother!

    Acquit Tami Iti government of the day. We all have a duty in this world to be held accountable for our actions.
    While taking all information into account no doubt.

    Colin Brown


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