Monday, February 28, 2011

Criminal Lawyer Auckland.

I dont care about the Rugby world cup. I do care about the little children, mothers, fathers, sisters, uncles, aunties, brothers, grandmas and grandpas killed in the Christchurch earthquake and the poor people still there wondering whether another one is going to hit. Even in death these poor people had no privacy. Are we a nation of ghouls. Surely we should honour the dead before talk turns to whether the city can be rebuilt. On a lighter note I do recommend the latest trailer park boys movie.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bill of Rights Lawyer.

Hey Hey my my rock and roll can never die. Greetings to the world. S.O.S. Defence lawyers are under attack from a fascist government here in little old NZ. Not content with running the prosecution the government is now seeking to control defence lawyers through economic coercion, racist witchhunts, bullying tactics and outright lies. Many lawyers have been picked off over the years with high paying government sinecures or accolades. Now the tactic now seems to be to corale the rest into a ghetto and exterminate them economically. The government is endeavouring to take over the representation of people charged with serious offences and not so serious offences by controlling people who are unrepresented the minute they walk in the court door and channeling them through a state run duty solicitor system where the lawyers are told what to do by their bureaucrat managers who are not lawyers. The government pays out huge money in pr spin to say this system is great and the NZLS who supposedly represents lawyers agrees wtih them. Experienced criminal lawyers who have built up enormous experience are side-lined. People who are on serious charges have no choice as to who represents them. People are remanded in custody who otherwise would get bail because duty solictors are too inexperienced to represent them properly. This is truly the revenge of bureaucrats on those who face criminal charges and the lawyers who used to represent them. Tragically it will be Treasury who are driving the whole thing. Having paid out 2 billion to SCF investors they now need to recover it from solo mothers and criminal defendants.

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