Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch out

A lot of hot air blowing in Parliament as usual about covert surveillance. As Counsel who represented one of the accused who was discharged in the Ureweras case I believe I am better qualified to comment than the ragtag bunch of carpetbaggers, acedemics ,bureaucrats and burnt out ex-politicians who are all blowin smoke you know where. What is required is a Royal Commission of Inquiry into how District Court Judges granted these search warrants in the first place and whether their power to make such decisions should be removed from them. End of story. At the same time the Inquiry should consider how High Court Judges granted interception warrants in relation to non-sensical legislation. These are the questions that need to be answered not whether what has happened should be validated after the event by shonky legislation driven by dodgy statistics from the cops. 

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Nice one

How do people stay so calm,
when moneys tight and winters cold.
When on the vine no leaves do grow,
while rabbits huddle in the snow.
How do people stay so calm?

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How not to ruin your life

If you have been sending money overseas via western union to people promising you millions of dollars I can only offer you this advice. New Zealand authorities including the Police, the Serious Fraud office and the Courts all take the view that it is simply your own fault and they will not help you. This is contrary to our obligations pursuant to international protocols which NZ has signed up for but noone seems to give a shit. Fraudsters over seas are no doubt fortified in their resolve by this attitude as they continue to defraud NZ citizens of literally millions of dollars a month.
So the only practical advice I can give you in the face of a negligent government is to immediately stop sending money. That way although you may have lost money already you will not lose anymore. Be assured you will not recover the money you have already lost by sending more money overseas. If you follow this very simple advice you will not lose anymore money. If you ignore my advice and continue to send money you will simply lose more money and eventually may find yourself in the position of having to borrow or obtain funds from others to send. If you are not convinced by my advice simply contact me by email and provide me with the documentation you have received from overseas and I will give you an opinion. I cant do better than that.

I see the Governor of the reserve bank has proudly convinced our banks to securitize mortgages as a means of staving of the world financial crisis. Interesting strategy as it is precisely the securitization of mortgages in America that got us all in trouble in the first place.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little pessimism

Dont let Greece default. Roubini says Greece should exit the Euro and devalue its currency. The situation will move from dollars and cents to a revolution if something is not done to help.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another day in paradise

The charges against 13 of the accused  in the Ureweras trial which arose out of the so called terror raids including my client Jamie Lockett were dropped at the Auckland High Court on Monday. That case has been ongoing since October 2007. I have never been involved in a case where there has been such an overwhelming air of predestination from the get go. It is truly disturbing how allegations of terrorism can whir through the Courts of New Zealand high and low without some much as a murmur. I see that District Court Judges were generally supportive of the disclosure regime which required people accused of serious criminal charges to reveal to the court and the Prosecution what their defence is. Again acutely disturbing. I just hope for all our sakes that the article that stated this was a very bad case of misreporting. But probably a forlorn hope. I understand as a result of the recent legal aid reforms that cases are now taking longer rather than a shorter time. Well done Simon Power, John Key. Its a  pity the Minister of the World cup didnt hire me as a consultant. I could have told him there would have been a minimum of 200000 people on the waterfront and that the auckland train service socalled would shit itself in the first ten minutes. 

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