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Oh yeah!

Seems everyone has an opinion on the Urewera four trial. Interesting. I must say I am enjoying a very short break after spending the last six weeks defending the case. The circumstances of the case were recently described as unique. Fully expecting a witchhunt from the government in relation to the trial. As they say its so much easier to be inside the car than hitching.

Legal advice

Fraud cases are always viewed seriously by the Courts. There is a perception that because nobody is physically hurt as in a physical assault that somehow fraud, theft and forgery offences are somehow less serious. If you think this is the case you are not in touch with reality. A fraud or theft offence involving say 50k committed in a position of trust or as an employee can easily attract a starting point of three years imprisonment. Thefts or frauds of larger amounts can attract starting points of between 5 and 7 years imprisonment. Similarly a lesser fraud committed by a recidivist offender i.e. someone who has committed offences many times before can attract a severe sentence for a moderate theft or fraud. Similarly lesser frauds and thefts which may have been committed over a long period of time are regarded seriously.


Satire is lacking in this country. Is that because we are not living in a totalitarian state? Back in the day when Kings and Queens used to chop peoples heads off on a whim the satire industry was booming. That was the only way that the state could be questioned without risk to ones limbs and head. Or are we now living in a state where the whole media is controlled by state owned enterprises and where control is now exercised in a more surreptious manner. The Chomskyism that people are repressed into such a tight and narrow band that they think they are free and do not need to write overt satire. I rather think this is where we are at. We think they are benign when the reality is they are malignant.