Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More of what you need to know part 3

Morning peeps it is very important to understand that the criminal court process is not a level playing field. For a start your opponent has a bottomless bucket of money wheras you are likely to be on a limited budget. Secondly you are in a court that is funded and controlled by the government. It is in fact the third branch of government. Because courts deal with so many cases the people who work inthem tend to be very sceptical about the prospect of anyone being innocent and although you will hear the chant that you are innocent until proven guilty everything you will detect and experience in court will scream at you that it in fact it is the other way around you are guilty until proven guilty. As they say talk is cheap whiskey is dear. The talk tells you one thing but the feeling tells you another. People are very isolated in court and deliberately so. Often people will in desperation take advice on what to do from the very people who are prosecuting them. It is important to have competent representation in court no matter what people say. Dont be denied and dont be fooled. When you are in serious trouble there is only one thing they want to do with you and that is put you in prison.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

You aint seen nuthin yet

 Its only until November next year anyway which is when they will bring in bulk funding of contracts for pet lawyers. It all augurs well for the private sector. I am already getting calls from clients who dont want to be represented by the Public Defence Service. Bulkfunding of the private service providers will be even worse as standards slip due to lawyers not being able to provide a proper service. I have seen at least three of these legal aid reform cycles and they always go around in circles. The only time I was involved in providing was where there was counsel of choice and people could choose their own lawyer. People should be able to choose their own lawyer as a bottom line standard of decency. The key to it is to have your own private clients.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not convinced about Iraena Asher

I tried to post an article on this topic from my phone but the app lost it somewhere. Anyway what I was saying is sometimes stereotypical attitudes can obscure the truth for a long time. Its not until ten years later when the truth finally emerges that everyone with the benefit of hindsight then says oh how could we have thought that back then. One thing that concerns me is that the call data that was captured of Iraena talking on the telephone on the night in question does not reveal a person who is manic. I have a number of manic friends and when they are high there is no mistaking it but Iraena seemed to be chatting quite rationally on the phone. Who was at this party where she was and what do we know about them. Do we know everybody that was there. Did some people come and go. Remember the Marie Jamieson case. The answer there took years to surface. Then there was the case of the woman found dead in her house in Grey Lynn. The police said it was an asthma atttack. This despite the woman being found with something stuffed down her throat. It wasnt until years later that dna identified her killer. But the most obvious thing is that her body was not found in the water. No I am not convinced at the plod explanation and if I was Iraenas family I wouldnt be convinced either. My heart goes out to them.

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