Saturday, May 25, 2013

Criminal Lawyer Auckland

Hi Peeps been a bit busy lately in Court so havent been able to jump on the old typewriter. Did two radio interviews this week about the Ureweras and The GCSB. Wellington such a tiny two bit town full of bureaucrats who rank highly on the arrogance meter. Really I think the rest of the country just does a big yawn and rolls over when they come out with their silly reports and silly court decisions. Just remember people have an implied licence in this country to come to your front door down your garden path but if you then tell them to leave they have to go. If they have a piece of paper thats a court warrant the situation is more complicated and you might need to take some urgent advice. Dont do anything silly like flinging a garden gnome at them tho I can well understand the impulse. As Chomsky says when the public decide the corporations should go they will. Witness the world wide protests against Monsanto who want to restrict the right of people to grow their own food. The other interesting thing is the German Reserve bank saying default is an option for countries in the Eurozone.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sold down the river.

Lets tell it how it is. For some reason the Government decided to defame all defence lawyers in New Zealand and hired a bureaucrat to do it. They then moved under this cover to get rid of as many defence lawyers as possible with a view to controlling all criminal defence by installing a government controlled group of defence lawyers. In the meantime the Judiciary stood back and said absolutely nothing and the law society agreed and sided with the Ministry of Injustice. That noone has said just how sinister this is shows how weak our democracy is.

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