Monday, July 14, 2014

Legal aid and the removal of the right to choose your lawyer.

Its not really about cost cutting and its not about standards of representation. Its not about efficiency and its not about saving money.. Really well what is it about? Its about social control. An independent criminal bar in New Zealand which had built up over many years was simply too independent so a policy decision was made by government to peg it.We are taking back control from the lawyers is the way it was expressed to me by a governmnet official. Its not fiscal its about reducing dissent and making the prison doors spin faster. Its about people going to prison when the Government wants not the other way around. This was dressed up in the guise of a crisis in the legal aid system.This is standard government operating procedure. Create a nonexistent crisis and use it to implement your own agenda. Its evil. The Government does not want the poor to be well represented for a number of reasons. Firstly there is a higher risk of the truth coming out. The truth undermines the administration of justice. Secondly it means the poor are harder to put into prison. Thirdly it can have a corrosive social effect whereby Government can be exposed for the public violence it imposes on Citizens. What is behind this aggressive and cynical drive to imprison people at a much faster rate and if they cant be imprisoned to generally wreck their lives. I believe it is driven by the power of social media to drive rapid social change.Right wing governments all around the world are very wary of the power of social media to drive very rapid social revolution.

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