Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look out!

I notice the Yanks aren't dropping bombs in Syria. They are obviously happy for Assad to mow down his own people with tanks and machineguns. Back in Tamaki Makarau the fog has cleared and the sun is out.
In the third day of waiting for a jury to return after a seven week trial. Defence lawyers in New Zealand  a bit like when the meteor hit Mexico 70 million years ago. Courts are happy. People being defended on serious charges by lawyers randomly assigned off a list. Have to deal with a sentencing this afternoon. Now the winter gloom is lifting people are starting to get more active and ringing up to chat about their problems. Just remember if you are in a state of denial about something you are not alone. the whole world is in a state of denial. Still everything can be sorted if we can just mine that diamond planet they discovered out there today.
Remember not to worry or be in a state of fear. Everything will work out well for you.

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