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Notes to myself
The key what's important is if everything is not going well for you you have to reach higher and B the best you can. Don't don't don't descend into bitterness and jealousy reach higher be the best person you can be. Be a good person. Don't be sad.

What happens if you write something it doesn't really matter what it is but it takes you away from the conscious to the subconscious. Once you are there things let go and you are able to teleport into the free flowing world. It's a bit like exercise you just have to get to the point where you free up. You can get there consciously. You can start off conscious and as you go you'll become subconscious which is where creativity does itself.

Certain people have the ability to show people how to switch off their conscious mind and locate a world where they are free to dream. It's very unselfish work for them. It's not really hard hard work for them tho as it is an effortless gift they were …

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve 

Downtown central Auckland, New Zealand I hadn’t been out for a while. There were four of us. Bill was the president of a motorcycle gang. His friend Rangi was a big Maori guy. They had been in prison together. Kelly was Bill’s girlfriend, over the last week. She was very young and thin, with a face like an avatar. We were an unusual group. I was a bankrupt lawyer. We loaded up on pure Peruvian coke and Long Island Iced Teas and headed downtown. Rangi was so drunk he was sick in the back of the car. With a compassion born of doing a lag together, Bill cleaned him up and we found him a new shirt. Downtown was pumping. We headed for a small club in an old art deco building next to the waterfront. The security at the door let us in and we paid money to a bored looking girl at a desk who ushered us down the stairs. The club was packed and the carpet was wet with booze. As we stood in the queue at the bar, I noticed a tall blonde girl a few people over. I was pretty high. Thi…