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Criminal Lawyer

Dont make this mistake. In order for evidence to be admissible in court it needs to be legal (usually). But if information gathering is not going to be subject to scrutiny in Court then everything is fair game. The equivalent of the Stasi are able to do what ever they like because what they do is not subject to public or journalistic scrutiny. The situation in the States where peoples phones are tapped without a warrant would never have come to light if an insider had not blown the whistle. There are no rules because the people who are in government make the rules. Those rules are not made in Parliament. They are not the subject of democratic scrutiny.It is actually subversive conduct condoned by the subversives.

Criminal Lawyer

There is something liberating about being able to write as many words as you want. I guess only the internet could make a success out of being only able to write 140 characters. I am sure Shakespeare would have been bemused by the dictate to write less. I have seen little evidence on twitter that the restriction on number of words has lent to the powerful and poetic compression of language. I must admit though there are some serious wits on twitter. Some of the usernames are very thoughtful and witty. Practising as a criminal lawyer can be very weird and you definitely have to roll with the punches. Rigidity as to what the outcome should be will often see the departure of certain souls for some other type of law.The institutional power which you are up against is righteous in its attitude and derogatory of those who dont share its views. It is so much easier to drive in the car rather than run along side it. A healthy lack of faith in government really helps.

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Hmmm just cruising at 5000 pageviews a month but really need to step up my game. The government is out there crushing people at present. You would think that in the middle of a massive recession that the bureaucrats would go easy on people but in actual fact it is the opposite. They just start going berserk. People talk to me on the phone and they say they just feel like giving up. These people are separate from the people who have given up already. I say to people dont give up there is hope for you. Lets just take it one day at a time and gradually we can turn things around. You cant possibly know how it is for people until you have been raked over yourself. I try to explain to people that I understand their pain (and i do) but I cannot jump into the pain with you otherwise I will be of no use to you. I have been practising in the criminal law field since 1984. My speciality is defending serious criminal fraud allegations but I have extensive experience in Court in relation to all c…