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Equality of arms

Just following up on my recent tweets it seems to me that once you have criminal defence operating directly within government the disparity that has operated for years and officially sanctioned being the vast difference between funding and resources for prosecution and the criminal bar can no longer be tolerated. Even then there is no equivalent of the public defence service within the prosecution system. And witness for years the preference given to lawyers from the prosecution side of the fence for judge jobs and other preferment. At a government level there can be no policy that allows such a situation now that the government itself is running the defence service. And even more so now that all thats left of the private defence bar will also be state controlled through the bulk funding system and its ugly sister no counsel of choice. I dont think the government thought these issues through in its piecemeal and idealogically driven approach. They never asked or took any notice of th…

Criminal lawyer auckland

Its helpful to have an experienced criminal lawyer auckland on your case for a number of reasons. Importantly a real trial lawyer can look at your case and the evidence and advise you straight out what would happen down the track at a trial. Would it be good or would it be evil? So that armed with this knowledge from someone you can trust who has your interests truly at heart you can make important decisions about how you should deal with the situation. So a criminal trial lawyer has the ability to help you in a number of ways. Importantly if after being advised properly on what your prospects are you want someone to go into court and fight for you regardless of the odds you have the best possible defence. It is very difficult to place your future entirely in the hands of one person. The answer is to find the most experienced person you can and let them go for it. Dont be a backseat driver. You could end up in the ditch.

Its a little weird

The strangest thing when u walk into a new zealand court room is the realisation that the dispensers of justice are generally of one ethnic group and the recepients of that justice are generally of another ethnic group. Effectively the courtroom is a small but very powerful microcosm of the colonial system that prevails in NZ