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My Final Summary to the New Zealand Press About the Urewera 4 Case

A video interview I gave with to the New Zealand press offering my final summary and view on the Urewera 4 Case. It was filmed outside Auckland High Court by Mashpedia who posted the video on Youtube. 

My Stance & Legal Opinion on Human Trafficking in New Zealand covered by The Dominion Post NZ

An article about human trafficking In which I was interviewed by Stacey Wood of The Dominion Post NZ for: Victims of trafficking 'need to seek help'. Read the articles below;

A high-profile Auckland lawyer says human trafficking is happening in New Zealand, but the Labour Department says it can do little unless victims come forward.
Jeremy Bioletti, who represented two clients he says were brought to New Zealand from Ukraine to work as prostitutes, said police should have protected them instead of prosecuting them.
His first client endured three jury trials with no convictions after she was found to be in possession of a false passport. She had been accompanied to New Zealand by a "minder" and had been put to work as a prostitute before she was arrested.
"She came to me after depositions in her first trial because she'd been advised to plead guilty. We felt that as a victim of trafficking she shouldn't have been prosecuted, so that's how we defended her.&…

Talking to Susan Wood on Mike Hosking Breakfast show about Serco and G4S

I had a chat to Susan Wood a while back on Newstalk ZB to offer my legal opinion on the Serco and G4S investigations and the UK scandal of alleged overcharging. They wanted to know my view on whether the same thing is happening in NZ prisons? and what we can do about it! Hear the podcast via the link ;

No Time for Coffee - 20 minute District Court Acquittal

Article courtesy of James Ellingham of APNZ published by Otago Times It took a jury just 20 minutes to acquit an Auckland tow-truck driver accused of taking an impounded car on an unauthorised high-speed spin. Michael Donald Woods admitted driving the car after towing it back to his yard for the police in 2012. Mr Woods, who told APNZ he now goes by the name Michael Holliday, said he took the Nissan Silvia on the road to make sure he hadn't damaged its suspension when he hoisted it on his trailer. He defended a charge of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle on the basis that he had not known he did not have permission to drive the car. After his two-day trial finished in the Auckland District Court yesterday, Mr Woods said the acquittal felt "hollow". In August 2012, the NZ Transport Agency suspended his licence to operate as a tow-truck driver because it ruled he he wasn't a "fit and proper" person, he said. Mr Woods said the prosecution had been a "set …