Thursday, April 12, 2012

prison for dummies

hi y'all I have entered into a joint venture with a very good friend of mine to produce a manual on what you need to know if you go to prison. I hope to have content to post on the blog very shortly. It will not be to do with the legal side of things but more to do with the type of knowledge you need to cope with the practicalities of prison life in NZ and it will be by an expert i.e. someone who writes from personal experience. I expect the initial material will deal specifically with womens prison. I am hoping that the manual will attract input from others with the unique knowledge needed to help others in the same situation.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

wisdom from a young country music singer

" there are very few holes that you can climb into that you can't climb out of "

   Justin Townes Earle

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Be wary

Be wary of the lawyer who says he can get you off the charge without knowing anything about it. Look for a lawyer who is nosy and wants to know what happened. Sometimes the lawyer who says no problem I can get you off this very serious charge will change their minds just before you are about to be arraigned before the jury and say I think you should plead guilty. A trained monkey can tell people to plead guilty. You might be better off with a lawyer who appears a little pessimistic but when the bullets start to fly doesnt wave the white flag.

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Charged with a crime? What you should know!

Generally people will only seek legal advice when they are notified of a police or bureaucrat investigation. Or they might have been involved in an incident and they might think they could have done something wrong or they might know they have done something wrong over a long period of time and they will seek advice on it.
The golden rule would be the more that is known at the earliest possible time the better the chances of successfully dealing with it. The longer something is left to set in stone the harder it is to deal with it. A trial lawyer as opposed to a lawyer who simply advises people to plead guilty can look at the facts and fit them into what he or she knows is going to occur in court right down the line not just from a factual point of view but also from a procedural point of view. That is why when you are telling your story to a trial lawyer you might be thinking what is this person on. Why are they not reacting to this extremely important information that I am telling them which I believe is the key to my future sucessful defence. It will not be because they are not listening it will be that they are considering what you are saying from the point of view of whether it constitutes a defence of whether there are other issues which arise from what you are saying.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

my blog looks better

Hmm someone tweeted I was a fucking disgrace. Better to be spat at than yawned at I say. The post that has done the best is the one that relates to Gail Maney. I am not sure whether that was because the post mentioned David Bain.There are many  cases in New Zealand and no doubt around the rest of the world. Many people are serving long prison terms for crimes they did not committ. This post goes out to all of them. There should be a major royal commission into the police in New Zealand, Top of the list should be all those people who were falsely imprisoned on the word of undercover drug agents who gave perjured evidence in court. I can say I have looked at a number of court cases in Auckland itself and wondered how the result was achieved. There should be an inquiry into the David Tamihere case. Just wondering how long people will put up with being told by Courts that their houses can be sold at mortgagee sale for whatever the bank wants. People are not stupid and they don't want to be told stupid things.

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