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Tame Iti Appeal NZ

Ae while sycophant Crown ministers pontificate at so called treaty settlements making insincere apologies everyone forgets that there would be no national reconciliation process without the blood teeth and efforts of the likes of Tame Iti and others who have given up their life wellbeing and socalled reputations for their people. Inevitably those who attain power and domination never recognize the inherent moral weakness of their position until its too late.
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The interests of Justice

I expect such behaviour from the New Zealand Police because they are essentially revenue collectors for the Government. Not in the sense that they actually collect cash off people though of course they do do that but in the wider sense that they are the feeders to the NZ penal system which in turn allows large numbers of prisons to be built and employ at a minimum 8000 people. But what really concerns me is the role of the Judiciary in the Urewera Case and now the Red Devils case. Apparently the conduct was sanctioned by the Cheif District Judge. I have my doubts about this as I do not know the extent of the information he was told. But regardless what is going to happen when something truly serious happens. Will the Courts be asleep at the wheel. The executive is already well down the track to exterminating the independent criminal Bar in New Zealand. What would happen if such a case went to the Public Defence Service. Would they also be asked to sanction the conduct and hold off ta…

Best criminal lawyer auckland nz

It is important to consider all the possible consequences when facing a serious criminal charge. For instance it is not simply a question of staying out of jail so that you can retain employment. There is also the issue of the impact an alternative sentence such as home detention will have on your job. Will an employer want to have an employee who is electronically monitored. Will a sentence of community detention allow you to work freely during the day and be on an electronic curfew at night. These are the types of issues you need to manage within the context of the prosecution against you. It is always better to try to sort out these issues before they become an issue rather that afterwards. This is one of the major benefits of competent legal crisis management.
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Criminal lawyer auckland nz

If you are looking for information about prisoners i.e. how to get property to them or how to put money into an account for them i really reccomend the department of correction website for mt eden prison. It is extremely helpful.
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best criminal lawyer Auckland NZ

Don't sit there stressing by yourself. Give me a call and I will give you a strategy to help you deal with the situation. I call it legal crisis management. Think of yourself on one side of the see-saw with your feet on the ground. Picture yourself pushing up with your feet and then picture yourself on the other end of the see-saw slowly getting off as it touches the ground. All situations balance out in the end no matter how serious they are. Its simply a  question of maintaining your stability while the situation is resolved.

Best criminal fraud lawyer auckland nz

There is a huge amount of fraud occurring out there. It is hard to estimate but it must be many millions of dollars a week. The amazing thing is that when people are caught after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars they never have any money to pay a lawyer to represent them. A distinct lack of foresight.
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Serious Fraud Lawyer Auckland New Zealand

The Courts are increasingly finding themselves dealing with unrepresented defendants as the new legal aid regime starts to cut deeply into the ability of people to obtain a fair trial. I would have to say that even when a defendant is represented it is hard for him or her to obtain a fair trial let alone when a defendant is struggling to deal with the court and prosecution process on their own. The new procedure sees people charged with serious fraud and theft offences assigned a lawyer randomly off a list if they are unable to afford to represent themselves. I have thought for a long time that the legal aid system also artificially distorts the market for criminal defence services by pushing up the cost of private services for private clients. Many people refused legal aid are simply unable to pay the level of fees that would have been paid had they been represented on legal aid. This in turn increases the number of unrepresented defendants in Court which in turn increase the number…

Best criminal fraud lawyer auckland nz

I see the Government spinning the departure of Adam Feeley from the Serious Fraud Office with a whole lot of gobbledegook in the media. My pick is that the performance of the Serious Fraud Office has been so abysmal that the government will now shift its functions into the Financial Markets Authority. In other words The Serious Fraud Office will be no longer.

The circle is complete.

Sometimes you can view a case that appears to be overwhelming.What other explanation can there be for the situation other than the guilt of the accused. The danger with the present system we run is that people cannot afford to represent themselves properly in Court. The investigation and prosecution system in New Zealand and the Prison system for that matter has become corporatized to such a high degree that the individual in society is simply overwhelmed and defenceless  in the face of the complete resources at the disposal of the Crown. These resources are not just the investigation and prosecution resources but also control of the media. In the opposite camp the resources devoted to funding the defence of people are meagre and deliberately so. The last thing the government wants is for one of its corporate departments to wreck the work carried out by another of its departments. So unless you are rich you are at the mercy of the Court system. A system that is so cynical in its view…

Best criminal lawyer auckland

Whats the first thing you should do when you find out the police or the ird or winz or housing corp or immigration or internal affairs is investigating you for serious fraud or money laundering or proceeds of crime. Well the first thing is having to deal with that horrible feeling of not knowing when they are goingg to knock on your door or send you a nasty bullying letter that fucks up your weekend. That sense of fear. The key to dealing with that is to do the opposite to worrying. Take a holiday have a break go to the movies. Dont react out of fear. You must treat youself and look after yourself. Then get some good legal advice. The right person can put you at ease and provide you with a strategy for dealing with the situation.

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Some days are diamonds some days are stones

Hi peeps the blog has been a bit serious lately with all that material about legal matters etc but I am glad the information has been of some use to people out there battling the system on their own. I went to New Plymouth yesterday for a case I have been dealing with for some time down there. It was good to appear before His Honour Judge Allan Roberts who was a criminal lawyer practising out of High Street in Auckland for many years before he was appointed to the District Court Bench. Practising law in the smaller centres is so much more personal than in Auckland. The smaller cities still have pulse of humanity running through them. Times are tough in Auckland at the moment with a lot more people living rough and a lot of businesses closing down.